Image Use

All images contained on this site, and all other sites maintained by Kate Johnson are copyright protected. Please do not use or reproduce any of these images without prior consent.

I welcome all enquiries regarding using my images for publishing projects or for commercial use. Simply email me on to discuss your needs, with a description of the type of image you are looking for as I have many more than those on this website.

I will be able to provide you with a quote for its licensing according to use. Typical uses include magazines, books, websites, blogs and print. I can supply high resolution digital files or prints. If you are a not-profit organisation and are looking for an image for non-commercial use, chances are I’ll let you use it for free, providing you ask me first.

If you already know the image you would like and are ready to order, then contact me by email at

If you have a specific requirement, want to discuss use or would like to commission any work, please do contact me at the above email address.

Unless you have contacted me to arrange usage licences, ALL images on this website, my blog and my flickr stream are protected by copyright laws, and any use of images (reproduction, copying, posting on web sites of originals or derivatives) without prior consent for commercial or non-commercial use is prohibited.